Krill Oil – My Experience


There’s no denying that I’ve been a fan of holistic health practices for a great number of years now, and I’ve often found that natural supplements tend to be just as effective as anything else, if not more so, depending on the health issue you’re trying to address.

Of course, no matter whether you’re highly skeptical of natural health or not, there are many studies that show the huge range of benefits you’ll experience when you increase your consumption of healthy fats – particularly when it comes to omega fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6.

Traditionally, the fish oil pill has long been recommended as a cheap and efficient way to dramatically increase your daily intake of omega fatty acids, and this is a practice I’ve indulged in for over a decade. In fact, I quickly found that it has helped me to feel happier, more content, and generally more at ease in my everyday life. So, while it has several health-related benefits (particularly in regards to your heart health), it can also aid you when you’re dealing with mental issues like depression as well.

But one of the biggest worries I’ve had when it comes to buying fish oil pills is the risk of contamination that is often present, no matter which fish oil pills you choose to buy. In general, my solution to this problem has been to invest in the best quality fish oil pills I could afford, as these products often use better sources, which should keep the risk of contamination to the absolute minimum.

However, despite these choices, there is still some interesting research that will show you even the best quality fish oil pills can still contain trace amounts of mercury – and even though this is found in very small amounts indeed, it’s still a risk that I would rather not have to take.

These days, I have turned to using krill pills instead – which is often recommended as a superior choice, and I was delighted to recently learn that these pills have far better purity levels, as krill generally absorb fewer contaminants out in the wild and they also tend to favor colder waters, which also helps.

In summary, I have come to believe that krill oil offers all of the same benefits you’re looking for in a fish oil pill, but they’re much safer to use, as well as offering better value for your money in most cases.